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MokaSirs Deiso Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules – 50 pcs


*The brand Nespresso® does not belong to Torrefazione Moka Sir’s SpA nor to its affiliated companies.

Guaranteed Aroma – Each coffee capsule contains the exact amount of freshly ground coffee needed for one espresso, sealed and packaged under modified atmosphere to preserve the coffee aroma and freshness for up to 24 months. To be used with Nespresso ®* coffee machines for home use.



DECISO is the rich MokaSirs blend preferred by those who love coffee with a strong and decisive character, intense taste, persistent cream and syrupy body. MokaSirs DECISO is made up of the best Indian Robusta, which brings spicy and chocolaty tones, and a note of natural Brazilian Arabica. The medium roasting brings out a thick cream and a full-lasting taste.

Mokasirs capsule Nespresso®* compatible

Pack: 50 capsules per box

Roasted and packed in Italy



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