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Pack of 12 Nexus Blue Curacao Syrup 700ml


Product features
Color: deep blue.
Taste: sweet sour, characteristic Curacao orange taste.
Vegan and gluten-free.
Conservation: 60 months.
ml 700
Cocktails, Drinks and Fruit Punch.

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An old-time cocktail classic, Blue Curaçao is known for its deep blue color, orange flavor, and tropical credentials. Flavored with the dried rind of green oranges, which are descended from Valencia oranges from the western Indian island of Curaçao, this flavor enhancer embodies this tropical paradise with its beaches and coral reefs. The incredible deep blue of the Blue Curacao Nexus Syrup evokes the sea that laps the beautiful beaches of Curacao and adds an exotic touch to cocktails and drinks with its aromatic scent of orange peel and the bitter taste of candy.


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