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Pack of 12 Nexus Passion Fruit Syrup 700ml


Product features
Color: cloudy orange.
Taste: exotic and fruity aroma, sweet and sour flavor typical of passion fruit.
Vegan and gluten-free.
Conservation: 60 months.
ml 700
Cocktails, Hot and Cold Chocolates, Smoothies, Drinks, Fruit Punch and Lemonades.



Passion fruit is a fruit native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Also called maracuja, it has an oval shape and its skin can be purple, yellow or red. In addition to eating it natural, it can also be used for various preparations. In particular, it is used in the kitchen to prepare cakes, mousses, sorbets, cocktails, juices and jams. A classic combination wants it associated with yogurt, to create a contrast between the acidity of the latter and the sweetness of the fruit.


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