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Health Benefits of Coffee

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“Don’t talk to me before I had my morning coffee” This was a funny tweet I saw a while ago. It is true that a hot cup of coffee is what encourages most of us to wake up from our bed and get to our daily activities. The Health benefits of coffee are numerous, it gives us a mild stimulant, which boosts our energy levels and alertness.


Most of us can’t even imagine a day without it. There is something extremely soothing about having a steaming cup of coffee! If you want to stock up, get in touch with bulk coffee suppliers in Ireland. Because nothing is better than using the best coffee beans to prepare our morning coffee?


However, have you ever wondered if drinking coffee is good for your health? Well, good news for coffee lovers! Studies have indicated that you could be getting more health benefits of coffee beans than you thought. Along with its energizing effect, it is also linked to other potential health benefits, which give you more reasons to keep brewing your coffee. Let us take a look at all the health benefits you can have from coffee in detail.

Improves Cognitive Function

Some studies state that coffee intake helps our brain to function better. It also reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Researchers suggest that for long-term cognitive health, coffee may be good.


Other studies have revealed that people who consumed caffeine have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Studies also show that a moderate intake of coffee can lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Boosts Energy Levels

We are all certainly aware of this benefit, aren’t we? The caffeine, which is present in our coffee, helps with boosting our energy. Coffee can fight against fatigue and increase our energy levels.


What the caffeine in our system does is that it blocks the receptors of the neurotransmitters known as adenosine. This in turn results in an increased level of other chemicals that regulate our energy levels such as dopamine.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Studies also suggest that drinking coffee can be beneficial for your heart’s health. People who drink three to four cups of coffee a day were associated with a 21% low risk of having a stroke. People who intake coffee daily were found to be at low risk of getting heart failure.


However, keeping all the good points aside, we should also keep in mind that caffeine can increase our blood pressure levels. People with higher blood pressure should only drink a moderate amount of coffee.

Lowers the Risk of Getting Liver Disease

Research also proves that coffee consumption might help you against liver diseases. People who drink three to four cups of coffee have significantly lowered their risk of having chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.


If you don’t load your coffee with sugar or any other sweeteners, coffee might also help you with weight loss from your morning coffee habit. Compared to non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers who focused on weight loss were more likely to succeed in keeping the weight off over time. In women, increased coffee intake was linked with a reduced level of body fat.

Lowers the Risk of Depression

Studies conducted on coffee intake have suggested a link between coffee and depression. Studies indicate that people who drink coffee on a daily basis were able to lower the risk of depression to up to 8 percent. Another study conducted on over 200000 people shows that drinking coffee was linked to a reduced risk of death by suicide.

Protects against Diabetes

Multiple studies have suggested that consumption of coffee on a daily basis can reduce the odds of getting type-2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common chronic health conditions seen in people worldwide. Drinking three to four cups of coffee has decreased the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Along with all the other benefits, coffee has substances such as kahweol and cafestol, which helps to prevent us from getting cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world and research suggests that coffee drinkers are at low risk of having liver cancer and colorectal cancer.

Helps to Heal Damaged Cells

Did you know coffee is a great source of getting antioxidants? Yes, in fact, coffee is considered the number one source of polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps to heal our damaged cells.

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We hope by now you are aware of the various health benefits of coffee beans. Coffee is that one drink that comes with a lot of perks. If you are someone who needs their coffee first thing in the morning, then we think we got something for you to start your perfect day! El Moretto has a wide range of exquisite coffee beans to give you the kickstart for your day. If you wish to know more about how to make your coffee super healthy, you can check out our recent blog!

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