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What Is 00 Flour

00 flour Ireland

Double zero flour, popularly known as the “00 flour” is the secret of most of the tender yet stretchy pizza crust. What is 00 flour anyway? 00 flour is the favorite choice of people who love pizza. What makes the 00 flour distinct from other flours is that it is finely ground wheat with literally zero grains in it.


The usage of “00” in the flour is because of the European categorization of flours based on how finely they are ground. There are flours available in different grind sizes from zero to two. Among them, zero is the finest flour used to make pizza dough and pasta.

The 00 flour is the type of wheat flour that is used to make the traditional Neapolitan pizza dough. It never fails to bring out the best pizza when baked at the right temperature. People who love crispy pizza crust with a bit of chewiness always go for 00 flour.


The finely milled wheat helps to bring out the finest flour and the dough prepared from such flour will always be silky soft and tender. The dough made from this flour will be able to ferment at room temperature with no need for refrigeration. The flour absorbs less water while making the dough which also means that it doesn’t need much water to reach saturation. Achieving saturation while making pizza dough is an important step!


The level of gluten or protein level is often a topic of discussion when considering 00 flour. The fact is that it comes in various ranges of protein. It can range from a level of 7 percent to up to 14 percent gluten, depending on the brand.


While all types of 00 flours are finely milled to the same specification they can be still divided into 5 different types according to their level of protein based on the different types of wheat.


The wheat varieties used for making 00 flour are another important factor determining its fermentation and cooking time. Based on the flour there can be a difference in hydration levels, cooking temperature, and fermentation.

Difference between 00 Flour and All-Purpose (Ap) Flour

All-purpose flour is a type of flour, which can be used for a variety of purposes. It is one of the most commonly used flour to bake pancakes to pizza dough. Let’s check the difference between 00 flour and all-purpose flour based on the following components

Level of Protein

Generally, type 00 flour is high in protein with a low level of gluten. This helps to give the pizza a crispy yet light and chewy texture. If we take a look at the all-purpose flour it contains a protein from a range of 10 to 12 percent depending on the brand. This makes it suitable for making almost all baked items.


Wheat is the basic component that determines the quality and flour’s behaviour. 00 flour is mostly made from soft wheat and durum wheat. whereas, a combination of soft and hard wheat is used while producing all-purpose flour.


How finely the wheat is ground is an important factor in determining the consistency or texture of the flour. The hydration levels required for both flours are different. All-purpose flour requires more water than 00 flour. And the fine grains help the 00 flour to get a very smooth texture while making pizza dough.

How to Cook with 00 Flour

To get a perfectly cooked pizza with the 00 flour dough you need to get the following three things right:


  • Hydration of the dough
  • Fermentation time
  • And the cooking temperature

Once you get these three things right, you will be able to produce a well-made pizza. The cooking time varies from 70 to 90 seconds depending on the temperature of the oven.


If you are cooking in a conventional way at your home oven, we suggest you go for a 00 flour with high protein content which is best for longer cooking time and lower cooking temperature.

Shelf Life

If you keep the flour in a cool place while keeping it tightly sealed it will keep up for 6 to 8 months.

Where to Get Your 00 Flour From

You’ll find 00 flour from food stores or markets for Italian products yet the best option is to get 00 flour online. You’ll be able to find varieties of 00 flour on our El Moretto website in different quantities. We hope you understand what is 00 flour and how it can help you make the best pizza. Do visit our website to find good quality 00 flour for all your needs. 

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